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What's New?

We're back at the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market on July 8th, 15th, and 29th, August 5th and 12th.

We are back to share our 2023 crop with you at the Downtown Market this year! Look for us in the produce section. We will be happy to make you a custom wreath or an abundant fresh bouquet.  Come smell our Lavender Oil and feel the refreshing lift of a Lavender Misting.

The deepest place to go with lavender, is her very essence,






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I was fortunate enough to share and learn from my long time friend Sunny Smith of Temple o' Flora. On a warm afternoon in June we simmered and steamed my delicious hearty lavender buds. Whilst lounging under her pergola porch with her pounded copper Paraguayan distiller she calls Mirabai, creating our first batch of oils.





For the first time and again in 2022/23 I have Lavender Oil, Lavender Mist and Lavender Hydrosol. Lovingly made from the same plants whose roots I loosened when they were young and placed in the hole I dug, surrounded them in the soil I prepared, like a Sunday dinner. 

This spring we found bunnies living under the neat rows we had planted. Lavenderists watered them when thirsty, with curved backs and open hearts. 

Our Lavender creations will be available at the market and on line for pick up at the market.

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